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Florian has been passionate about roller skating since childhood, using it as game, sport, transport, leisure activity, fashion statement and always as a medium of expression. He founded Flaneurz, a detachable skate company, and is president of Flaneurz Roller Skating Club founded and managed by Najete Kada, a French figure skating champion, to promote skating in sporting, cultural and social dimensions, giving courses, conferences, workshops and organizing parties such as the Rendez Vous In Paris Skate Event as the highlight of the year.


As a music passionate and dancer, he realized there were no skate DJs in France, so by studying what makes a good skate mix, going to skate parties in the USA, researching skate producers and getting advice and techniques from the best skate DJs, he became Sélecteur Florian. His mix offers a range of skate music from slow jams to hip hop, JB, steppers, soul, and house with touches of French Caribbean music. 


Florian first came to BCN in 2011 for a gathering of European skaters and has been involved in Skate Love as a performer, instructor, panel talker, vendor, and now DJ.

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