Kapi (ES)

Old & new funk-breaks and hip-hop classic tunes with turntablism skills. BIO Kapi is a b-boy and a graffiti writer that lives in Barcelona since 1982. He kept interest in music in 1983 and found hip-hop through the breakdance boom appeared in Europe in 1984. He bought his first records in 1985 and his first music machine in 1988 and at early 90's he was already experienced user of Cubase sequencer and some Akai samplers as well as the turntables. His career as a music producer started here. Linked to electro-funk music, funk and breakbeat, this genres were always loyal companions to his love for breaking and although for a while his music energy was focused on hip-hop rap, producing and on the stage, these styles where always present on his creative inspiration moments. He was Deejaying amateur during 90's, with rap crews or in clubs but in 2006 he started to do it as a job. Since then he did all kind of dance contests and events, clubs, festivals and staging with rap and funk artists.


Petite DJ (UK)

South African House music infused with Amapiano and Deep, Soulful , Afro House. Bringing magical drums, beats and rhythms to the SkateLove streets. Last year the music summoned the skaters to do a rain dance and it instantly stopped raining. Magical! BIO South Londoner ‘Tendai’ goes by the DJ name of ‘Petite DJ’ playing Amapiano, Deep, Soulful, Afro & South African House Music. After being featured on BBC World News, Tendai founded @InspiringDJs teaching adults and children, including those with Learning Disabilities (incl. hearing and visual impairments, dyslexia, Autism spectrum etc), how to DJ. “Inspiring DJs” students have showcased their skills & talent at "Enterprise Nation" events and “Generation Success” monthly Corporate networking events in BPP Law School, HSBC, Dentons, The Office Group + more across The City of London. Petite DJ Residences have included Hilton Park Lane & The Grange Hotels, South African Tourism UK, Afrocentric (Dubai brand), Soul Sessions, Mi Casa Su Casa and Zim Fest UK.


DJ Slimm (USA)

Session with a high dose of energy, fun, and various genres of music! I bring the “american skate culture” to the international level! I’m one of the few to present the world with how music and skating can bring us all together for a phenomenal time! BIO Im from Dallas, TX USA where my skating and DJing career started. I started skating when I was around 4 or 5 years with my family. I started to travel to skate parties when I was 14 years old and 13 years later, i'm traveling to Barcelona to do one of things I love to do. I started DJing, in 2013 at local skating rinks and even a few out of town skate parties. Along with DJing weddings, celebrations, and other events, it had broadened my knowledge and experience as a DJ. Now 8 years later, I can officially add International DJ to my resume!! Skating and DJing are 2 part of my life!

DJ Bart (FR)

My Session will be different all the time, because i love to come early and feel the vibe and the feeling of the people before my set, always i adapte myself ;) I love to mix lot of different style of Music, House, Garage, house afro Funk, Rnb, Hip-Hop more old school, 30 years on skate, i understand you when we talk music for sk8ters ;) BIO Hi i’m Dj Bart I’m from Paris, and i live in Barcelona (9 years already). I mix from 1996 in Paris where I was start to play principally House Music and electronic music on place in Europe, I love play Funk, Disco, RnB, Hip-Hop, and lot of world music with good rhythm, Dancing on roller skate is my passion and life style. I’m ready and happy to play again in this beautiful event, see you soon.


DJ Andy Jonathans (NL)

My Music is a Mix of Old & New skool R&B and HipHop, JB Skate Music & SoulFull House. BIO DJ Andy Jonathans, born in ’69. In the 80’s he was one of 1st generation breakdancers / Electric Boogie/ Pop n Lock dancers in the Netherlands and earned his way in the dance scene. In the 90’s he started Roller skating. Throughout the years , with his great passion for dance, rollerskating and music, he built a broad and deep knowledge for music, so he started DJ-ing. He was heard in many clubs and party’s in Amsterdam. In 2019 he became a member of the Amsterdam High Rollers and with this crew he organized the Amsterdam Skate Event in February 2020. Genre: 80's / 90's till 2000 RnB and HipHop, Soulful House, UK Funky, UK Garage, Future RnB Mixtapes link:


DJ Stay Fun (NL)

A blend of different kinds of Funk R&B Hiphop & Disco music from all times. Style that makes you wanna dance. BIO A professional dancer for over 15 years and a DJ for over 13 years. A passionate music lover almost all of his live. DJ-ing at different kind of party’s playing funk, hiphop and R&B 70s 80s disco but also house and UK garage at weddings, theatres, clubs & bars. Started playing for skaters in 2017 at party’s and different venues. Also in 2017 started skating and discovered a passion for skating. Combining it with my dancing background.

"There's not a problem that I can't fix
'Cause I can do it in the mix"
Mike Cleveland