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The biz space of Skate Love Barcelona with stories about business, projects and skating by influencers, doers and dreamers. Make connections with our international skate community while enjoying tapas, drinks and an awesome music set from Petite DJ. Hosted by Joy Dean @hoophustleflow. 


Place: Velissima (W Hotel area)
Address: Passeig Joan de Borbó 113, Marina Vela, Barcelona
Date: Thursday Sept. 15
Time: 20:00 - 24:00

* This event is hosted in partnership with Velissima.



Michelle Steilen (USA)

"Moxi & the Skate Market"

Michelle Steilen, also known as Estro Jen, is the Founder, Brand Manager & Visionary at Moxi Roller Skates & Lazo. Michelle forged a pathway for their own roller skating passion by using business as a way to create market growth and culture by diversifying product lines and nurturing community.

Florian Gravier (FR)

"Passion, Fashion & Skates"

Flaneurz comes from the will of Florian Gravier a senaker head that has been skating all his life, street, agressive and now rythm skating. He and Flaneurz' cofounder wished to innovate in urban travel and soft mobility. Designed, manufactured and assembled in France, Flaneurz products offer total flexibility. On foot or on eight wheels, the detachable skates allow to assert each and everyone individuality.


Zaira Tary (ES)

"Building A Pro Skater Journey"

Zaira is a professional rollerskater self taught from the age of 4. She was the only skater at her city, Cadiz Spain, but this didn’t stop her dream. Founder of the first and only one Skate School in Cadiz (running for 12 years know). She is also graduate in Sport Sciences and Physical Education teacher and has a professional dance background. She has been a Freestyle Slalom competitor for 5 years, so she has created “slalom on quads“. Two times international Roller Dance Champion and has taken part in Got Talent Spain and Germany, and she has worked with big brands such as Warner Brothers and Netflix, has also worked as a skater in many countries. She moved to UK 3 years ago to work with the company BUMP Rollerdisco as a rink manager and has formed a skate duo with her partner Ceejay Jepson called “Double Flow “. Currently she works as a skate teacher in many cities in UK and Spain, and as a performer in shows , adverts, music videos, films,etc. Zaira has been through a lot to be able to reach her goals in life because of the limitations and the lack of opportunities at her city where she comes from , which is one of the lowest economic level in Spain, but she is an example of if you have passion and driven nothing is impossible.

Kai Philipps (UK)

"Under The Radar"

Kai from the London Skate Group The Next Chapter (The NC) has been part of the skate community for 12 years and has been involved in building the scene up for the last 10 years with his work with the Fix8 Rollerdisco team and The NC travelling the world and bringing skaters together. Now he's part of the Flippers team building the rink in London due to open later this year, he aims to do even more for the community and culture.


Terrell Ferguson (USA)

"The Roll Call Journey"

Terrell is a triple OG skater from Venice Beach. His journey began as a young teen skating the beach, and led to 40+ years as a professional entertainer. He was a main cast member of Steve Love's New York Express, a featured dancer on Soul Train, a professional actor in numerous nationwide commercials including the famous Apple spot featuring roller skaters, and is now a Television director and producer on the Brick TV's documentary show Roll Call. His talk will discuss what he has learned over the past 6 months while travelling across America filming the documentary: how the distinct regional cultures have affected the skating sub-cultures of American cities, and what the future of skating may hold.


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