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OPEN JAM CONTEST / 12:00 - 15:00h

30€ online registration available on August 20. Includes insurance by Federation. No onsite registration.

Skate Love Main pass IS NOT REQUIRED to participate.



  • Senior Female, trans female, femme and non-binary: 20 spots available.

  • Senior male, trans male, masc  and non-binary:  20 spots available.


If there are categories that don’t fill up, spots can open up in divisions that were previously full; registrants that are on the waiting list will be notified by email. Participants will be picked at the discretion of the Committee with preference given to first come first serve.



  • Female 1st: Medall+ 500€

  • Female 2nd: Medall+prize

  • Female 3rd: Medall+prize

  • Female 4rth: prize

  • Female 5th: prize

  • Male 1st: Medall+500€

  • Male 2nd: Medall+prize

  • Male 3rd: Medall+prize

  • Best trick: Cup + 100€



  • Best Style prize

  • Bravery prize

  • Slam of the day

  • Best 70s outfit

  • Giveaways

Thanks to the collaboration of Riedell and Ennui.


The Skatepark Day at Skate Love Barcelona 2022 is The LOVE BOWL! Hosted at Mar Bella skatepark by @_ragnaroll. The place and space for the Skatepark Masterclasses, and also, the most awaited competition: The Love Bowl Open Jam Contest, organised in collaboration with the Spanish Skating Federation and open to all international skaters.​


  • 09:00 - 10:30h: Park only accessible for Masterclasses (SOLD OUT)

    • Estro - Become a park skater.

    • Barbie - Carving and skatepark flow.

    • Ragnaroll - Grinds and slides on rails.

    • Bambi - Stalls, slides and tricks on transitions.

  • 10:30 - 12:00h: Warm ups & training

  • 12:00 - 15:00h: The Love Bowl Open Jam Contest

  • 15:00 - 16:00h: Awards and Closing Ceremony

* And after 16:00h you are all welcome to join the party at SkateLand.

Date: Sunday, Sept. 18

Location: Mar Bella Skatepark

Time: 9h - 16h

** The LOVE BOWL area is open to all the Main Pass ticket holders but capacity is limited to 500 attendees.



Groups of 4-5 people each skating during 7 minutes for classifications. Each participant will have a first run of 30 seconds and after that the participants will skate following turns until the time is up. The top 5 rated skaters from each category will qualify to the finals.



1 group of 5 people for each category, skating during 8 minutes following turns and having one final trick. The previous classification performances do not score in the finals, only the tricks performed in the finals count for the final qualification.


* Number of skaters per group and timings can be adjusted depending on available time and number of participants.


The Best trick prize will be selected from the whole day and all categories, not only the finals.


All participants are welcome regardless of skill level. The description is only a guide to understand the judging format and scoring system. The event is for fun and there are no requirements for tricks.


Skating will be judged on 5 different categories:

  • Number of Tricks: The number of tricks landed and the variety: airs, grinds, rotations, flips, etc.

  • Use of the skatepark: Flowing around the park, covering more areas and touching several obstacles performing lines of tricks will give a higher score.

  • Level of difficulty: Technical difficulty, risk, amplitude, length and height will affect the scoring of each trick.

  • Overall Style and speed: The execution of each trick, the speed, the landing and overall execution of the run. Missed tricks do not give you negative points but they will not score.

  • Creativity: Experimentation with new tricks and different uses of the obstacles can give you extra points.


_DSC1879 (1).jpg
Jon Ortiz

Former professional skater (USA)

Former professional skater. Photographer & Blading Camp coordinator.


Ricardo Lino

Pro Skater & Youtuber (PT)

Ricardo 42 years old, from Sines. He started to skate as a kid competing in racing on roller skates. Since then he became a professional skater involved in almost every discipline of skating including park roller skating, aggressive inline skating, urban skating and even downhill. In 2015 he started his youtube channel becoming one of the most influential voices in the skating world and in 2020 he started his own brand Wheeladdict.

Marta Popowska

EIC Dogdays Magazine (DE)

Marta is a passionate writer from Stuttgart who has been playing roller derby for many years and park skating since 2017. In 2018 Marta and Jonas started Dogdays Magazine, an international print magazine exclusively dedicated to roller skating that also became one of the main online platforms for the roller skating community. Speaker

image0 (1).jpeg
Thaïs Coupet

Pro skater (FR)

"Hello, my name is Thaïs, I’m 30 and I live in Cannes, France. I’m a professional skater and certificated roller instructor. I’ve been a judge for the Roller Nantes festival and the Happy Tricks game and I’m super excited to be a judge for the SkateLove contest this year !"




The Love Bowl at Skate Love Barcelona is open to skaters from all nationalities, races, genders and cultures.


With the The Love Bowl Contest we are collaborating for the first time with the Skating Federation and thanks to this collaboration and the support of the sponsors we could fund a park event in the best spot in the city, have international and professional judges to ensure neutral scoring, raise prize money (500€ each 1st prize + 100€ best trick) while keeping inscriptions as low as 30€ and the most important: including MEDICAL INSURANCE to all participants. Other extras involve having an ambulance with medical assistance, music, speaker, drinks and more surprises.


The two categories format is the standard in the Federation and in all professional sports (including skateboarding, snowboarding, inline skate and roller derby). This system could help with the professionalization of park skating and as well as offer more opportunities and prizes to all participants. But it must be clear we do NOT subscribe into the outdated gender categories used by traditional sport events. Our categories are: 

  • Cis female, trans female, femme and non-binary.

  • Cis male, trans male, masc and non-binary.

All genders are equally accepted and welcome.


We know this is still not a perfect system and while we are working within the parameters of this two categories system, we are aiming to change it in the future to better reflect the inclusive and well rounded nature of this community. Roller skating has always been an example of inclusivity and we believe it can be a pioneer in professional sports too.


We are trying our best to make Skate Love Barcelona a memorable and fun festival for all of you, to be a celebration of life and love where everyone is welcome but it is only with YOUR HELP that we can make it into reality.


Thanks for your feedback and your support, together we are better.