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Being such a popular tourist destination, Barcelona is super easy to get to, making it the perfect destination for Skate Love Barcelona. A top European tourist spot, among the top 6 best destinations in the world by World Best Cities. Popular HQ for international renowned events, festivals and conferences. Mediterranean city that embraces tradition, architecture, design & sustainable lifestyle. Sun, good weather and beach always. Quality of life!


El Prat Airport is Barcelona’s international airport located 15 km southwest of the centre of Barcelona.


BCN (Barcelona's airport code) is the second largest and busiest airport in Spain, with a limited number of intercontinental flights. BCN is connected to a large number of European airport hubs, among them London, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid - and literally all large European cities, like Berlin, Milan, Lisbon, Zurich, Porto, Dublin, Vienna, Copenhagen, Manchester, to name only a few.


Barcelona is also the biggest European destination for low-cost carriers (airlines like SouthWest or JetBlue in the US).


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