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FAQ 2023

  • How the ticketing system works?
    Skate Love Barcelona offers 2 types of tickets: MAIN PASS: mandatory to access the festival and it's parties and activities. The earlier you get them, the cheaper they are. All valid to access to the SkateLand in equal conditions. EXTRAS: tickets paid separately for activities such as Masterclasses. * Door tickets will be available depending on capacity. ​ We announce on social media and website the launching dates for each type. You must have all the information ready, such as your legal identification number, email, etc. TICKETS ARE NOMINAL, they must have the holder's complete legal personal information. You will need to fill up the form with the payer details and then the participant details in the case you are buying for more than one. Card payments only. * 10% VAT not included. To finish the order, you must agree to the Terms, Conditions & Regulations of the event.
  • Do I have to print my ticket?
    No, you will only need the code on your mobile phone.
  • Can I transfer or cancel my ticket?
    No, tickets are not transferable and we do not do cancellations, resales or refunding, except for causes attributable to the event. This means that if you buy your ticket and you cannot attend and the event is still happening, you lose your ticket.
  • Can I buy a day ticket?
    We will sell Day Tickets at the door depending on the capacity.
  • Cannot find your ticket?
    You should find your confirmation email with your ticket under the subject "Order complete: Skate Love Barcelona 2023".
  • SkateLand Site Map & Services
    The SkateLand is our main venue, our hub and the place to be for the 4 days of the festival. A 4500 sqm space located right at Mar Bella Municipal Sports Complex with these areas and services: Market Bar Food Trucks Picnic Area Chill Area Partners Area DJs Lockers Toilettes Roller rinks: 1225 sqm and 250 sqm made of smooth concrete Water fountains Here is the SkateLand site plan for 2023:
  • Can I take food and drink into the festival site?
    No food or drink is allowed (except bottles of water with no top).
  • What are the forms of payment at SkateLand?
    This info is from 2023. We will come back to update the info for 2024 soon. --- At the SkateLand the only payment method will be exclusively through our new cashless system: credit card, mobile phone or recharge card. You will NOT be able to pay with money. It's very simple: you can always pay with your credit card/mobile phone or recharge a card that you can find on the premises at the corresponding recharge point. It is not possible to preload the card before the festival. It can only be recharged on site. You can recharge your card with cash only. There will be 2 charging points. Please be aware that any recharge made with cash that is not spent during the Festival cannot be returned.
  • Are there water points on the premises?
    Yes! The festival will make water fountains available for recharging at different points in the venue. Don't forget to bring your bottle/canteen!
  • Do you have medical service on site?
    Skate Love will have a medical service point inside the venue and first aid. Furthermore, we strongly recommend obtaining medical and travel insurance to cover any type of emergency.
  • Do you have lockers service at the SkateLand?
    This info is from 2023. We will come back to update the info for 2024 soon. --- We will have available the rental of lockers within the venue at a price of 8 euros per day and with the possibility of opening and closing as many times as you need.
  • Is there parking available on the premises?
    The CEM de la Marbella has a private parking right next to the venue. The management, organization and dynamization of the same is outside the organization of the festival.
  • What can I expect from Skate Love Barcelona?
    Skate Love Barcelona is an international roller skate festival in a social, trendy and multicultural environment. As the largest roller skate event in Europe and one of the references in the world, it includes: - Day and night parties - DJs - Masterclasses - Open sessions - Showcase - Talks - Street Skate - Urban jams with skaters from around the world You can expect lot of fun, smiley, friendly, stylish and like minded 2000+ roller skaters from 50 countries, open to share the same passion in the most amazing and inclusive global atmosphere in Barcelona.
  • Where is Skate Love Barcelona located?
    Skate Love Barcelona will be located in Barcelona city at La Mar Bella Municipal Sports Complex, a compact area with different installations close to each other. Here is the festival Google Map Also you can find the area on Google Maps as CEM Mar Bella.
  • What is the program for 2024?
    You can see the details of the program here: * We reserve the right to make changes in the program.
  • Is this festival suitable for beginners?
    Yes! This festival is an open party for everyone who loves music, dancing and roller skating, regardless of the level.
  • Are you offering accommodations?
    You can find accommodations nearby the event from our page
  • What roller skating equipment should I bring?
    Skate Love Barcelona is an outdoor skate festival. Although the festival rink is smooth concrete, outdoor wheels, or indoor wheels with low durometer (85A-92A) will boost the fun. Leave your Vanathane, Fo-Mac, and roller rink wheels at home. Barcelona is a great city for roller skating with skating spots, sidewalks, beach boardwalks, and urban bike paths. If you join the tours on skates, or experience roller skating outside the Skate Love party areas, outdoor wheels will be strongly recommended. Also for your safety, protection gear can be advantageous, depending on your outdoor skating skills and personal preferences. Wrist guards are at any rate very useful and can prevent common injuries in outdoor skating. Use of a skating helmet could also be considered. For The Love Bowl on Sunday at Mar Bella Skatepark, wearing a helmet is required for everyone who is skating the bowls of the venue. No exemptions.
  • What are the conditions of participation?
    You will find our terms and conditions of participation here:
  • What is your event cancellation policy?
    In the event of total cancellation due to bad weather, the organization undertakes to refund the full amount of the corresponding tickets. The part of the amount that would not be returned corresponds to those non-recoverable organizational expenses (payments to our service providers for the previous preparation of the festival) and in no case would this represent a benefit for the organization. We highly recommend getting a travel and medical insurance to cover any type of cancellation or emergency related to your trip.
  • What time do you open doors?
    We open doors at 11:45h and we start at 12h.
  • Why do you ask for an identification to attend the festival?
    It's obligated by law. Every­one in Spain must carry gov­ern­ment is­sued ID at all times, re­gard­less of whether we are Span­ish, an EU na­tional, or a for­eigner liv­ing or hol­i­day­ing in the coun­try. The spe­cific law is Art­icle 4 of Or­ganic Law 4/ 2000 which states that for­eign na­tion­als in Spain must carry iden­tity doc­u­ments is­sued by the coun­try of cit­izen­ship. Copies will not be accepted. Also, and very important, in case of an accident, without identification you are not covered by our insurance, so we will request IDs at the door randomly.
  • Are there any age limits to be able to attend the festival?
    The festival is mostly adult and there is no age limit except for the night parties. Minors can access accompanied by their parents or guardians.
  • Where and when to get your festival wristbands and accreditations
    The wristbands and accreditations will be available at the entry of the SkateLand. To collect it, it is mandatory to present your ticket QR code and your photo identification. If you do not carry this with you, you will be denied the entry.
  • Can I bring animals?
    We would love to but it is not possible. For everyone's safety, it is not allowed to bring animals into the premises.
  • What should I know about Barcelona?
    Barcelona (also known as “Barna”) is located at the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in northeastern Spain. It is the capital and largest city of the autonomous region of Catalonia, as well as the second most populous municipality of Spain. With a population of 1.6 million within city limits, Barcelona is an international tourist destination, with numerous recreational areas, nice beaches, and mild and warm climate. Historical monuments, including eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, among them the famous buildings designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí. Barcelona tourism office provide useful information for sites and events in the city Barna is also known for being one of the best skateable cities in the world.
  • How is the best way to get to Barcelona?
    By air travel Airport for Barcelona is Barcelona–El Prat (BCN) BCN is the second largest and busiest airport in Spain, but with a limited number of intercontinental flights. BCN is connected to a large number of European airport hubs, among them London, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Madrid - and literally all large European cities, like Berlin, Milan, Lisbon, Zurich, Geneva, Porto, Dublin, Vienna, Copenhagen, Prague, Manchester, to name only few. Barcelona is also the biggest European destination for low-cost carriers (airlines like SouthWest or JetBlue in the US). Major low-cost airlines in Europe with destinations to BCN are: Jet2 Wizz Vueling Airlines Ryan Air Easyjet Norwegian Connections to Barcelona by train Barcelona Sants is the main railway station in Barcelona. Madrid Puerta de Atocha railway station is 2.5h away on the AVE Madrid-Barcelona high-speed rail line. Operated by Renfe: Some suggested options for traveling There are four main travel options for skaters from the US to get to Barcelona. Direct flight Stopover flight with airlines offering roundtrip to BCN, e.g. Delta, KLM, AirFrance via Amsterdam or Paris, British Airways via London, Lufthansa via Munich or Frankfurt, and many others, with luggage checked through to the final destination BCN Stopover flight with changing from the transcontinental flight to low-cost airline, and baggage claim and check-in by the passenger in the stopover airport, This additional time and effort could be cost-saving, because of the large amount of low-cost airlines to Barcelona and the low air fares. And you can take it as an opportunity to stay one or two days and visit another European city. Flight to Madrid and change to the high-speed train. Fares start at $120 for the roundtrip Online metasearch and booking platforms support your trip. You can search for the lowest fare and best prices for the services you need.
  • Where should I stay in Barcelona?
    Barcelona is a main tourist destination and ranked the most popular city to visit in Spain. Hotels, hostels, AirBnB are offered in all price and comfort categories. Check out accommodations close to our hub at
  • How do I get around in Barcelona?
    Barcelona has one of the best public transport systems in Europe, and the city center itself is really walk-able and comfortable to explore by bike, or even roller skates. The tickets for public transport which you purchase are valid for the metro, tram as well as the train, if you’re not leaving the city with the train. The train, however, would be the better option when you are getting to Badalona, or out of the city or for day trips. The Barcelona metro operates daily starting from as early as 5.00 am. On Friday night the metro runs until 2 am. And from Saturday night to Sunday, the metro operates all night long. Check out the schedule on the official website If you consider yourself a motorbike rider, renting a scooter will be an option. You can park almost everywhere around the city. Even better than a scooter is actually renting a beautiful classic Vespa. Renting a bike can also be a great option to get around Barcelona. And by car…? A rental car in Barcelona can be quite a hassle. The traffic is always busy, the parking spots are super limited, and even if you manage to score one, you will have to pay for parking. Also, driving through Barcelona by car can be very slow. There are 11.000 taxis to choose from. Fully licensed taxis in Barcelona are black with yellow sides/doors. At the airport taxis cannot beto hailed, you have to queue up to be assigned for waiting taxi at the taxi stands in front of Terminals (T1, T2). There is a minimum charge of 20 Euro for taxis from Barcelona Airport (if your hotel is near the airport check first to see if your hotel includes free shuttle service). You can also book Barcelona taxis using “Uber-like” apps, “Cabify” “Free Now”,”Ntaxi”, “pidetaxi” or “joinup” Could be good to know: If you lose property or belongings in taxi contact the Barcelona Taxi Lost Property Helpline: Tel: +34 93 707 0600 or web Take an Uber? Sorry. Uber and Lyft don’t operate in Barcelona. The app “Citymapper” (for Android and iOS) provides the best way through Barcelona’s public transit. It integrates data for all urban modes of transport, from walking, and cycling to driving, with an emphasis on public transport. Things to be attentive Due to its large influx of tourists each year, Barcelona, like many other tourism capitals, has to deal with pickpockets, with wallets and passports being commonly stolen items. For this reason, most travel guides recommend that visitors take precautions in order to ensure their possessions' safety, especially inside the metro premises. Despite its moderate pickpocket rate, Barcelona is considered one of the safest cities in terms of health security and personal safety.
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