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Interesting Notes

Hello everyone! Here are some notes for your consideration.

NOTE 1❗️

Bookings for accommodations are now open with our official Travel Agency. The new service for our 5th anniversary including transfers for a much better experience! All accommodations are in Badalona (where the Beach Party and the jams take place). * DEADLINE 02/20/2020 for reservation and payment of the first night. ** VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY! Don't miss this great offer!

NOTE 2 ❗️❗️

On January 31st at 12h (Barcelona time), we will post a very interesting and limited ticket. STAY TUNED & DON'T MISS IT!!! 👈

NOTE 3❗️❗️❗️

We are working on many things like looking for venues: for the disco, workshops, skatepark, welcome party... Also and very important, looking for SPONSORS! 🙌

In the meantime, follow us in social media @skatelovebcn or subscribe to our website.

At the moment we publish what we have so far, but we will be posting new details as soon as we have them!

We are very excited to offer you an unforgettable experience to celebrate our 5TH ANNIVERSARY!!! 🤩🥳

Thanks for your patience and support!


Skate Love 2020 | 5 Years!

International Skate Music Festival

Sept. 17-20, 2020

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