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A selection of FREE SESSIONS for everyone to learn and enjoy at our SkateLand rink!! These sessions are included in the MAIN PASS so be early to save a good spot!


Sofi Cherchyk (ARG)

Sept. 14 | 12:00-12:45

Let's Warmup Properly

Warm up without skates. The goal is to leave the body ready to give its best and be protected from potential injuries in your adventures on skates. COACH BIO I was born in Argentina and I have been skating since I was 5 years old. I was lucky enough to train with the best figure skating coaches in the world, to represent my country in international competitions and to judge competitions for several years. In the last few years, I fell in love with the rhythm of roller dance and today I enjoy fusing styles. With all that experience, I’ve created my clases. The always start with a good warm up off skates to, not only protect your body for potencial risks, but to help you gain good body-brain connections that every skaters need while creating their routines!

Level: all levels


Emani (USA)

Sept. 15 | 13:00-13:45

USA West Coast Style

Sk8 School With EMANI AKA Mr. BowTie. COACH BIO Emani started skating when he was 3 years old, taught by his mother, Lisa and his father Michael them during family outings, consecutively visited Cal Skate, Milpitas, Hammer Lane in Stockton, California, the golden skate in San Ramon, California, sunrise in Citrus Heights, and when he is visiting his family in a self he would normally be at Cascades in Atlanta, Georgia or fun city in Houston Texas. During Emani‘s younger years, he got to know some amazing skate styles from some amazing og skaters skaters, which he still called Skate Family today; thank you Leo “Spider”, Skateline Rick, Leo “ 1 wheel” White and so many more . In 2012 Emani was struck by a vehicle in a T-bone accident which left him partially paralyzed for almost a year with a two-year recovery in 2015 he decided to get back on skates in 2016 embark on his first real Sk8 party Houston roll around it. His life changed after that. Emani travels the nation going to skate parties, he skates with two circus groups in San Francisco California and teaches every Saturday that his is in state to any and everybody who’s willing to learn humbly to know Emani is a leader and a pillar in the Skate community in the bay area and very much well-known nationwide.

Level: all levels


Snooky Wong (HK)

Sept. 14 | 13:00-13:45

Side Surf Fun

Sidesurf is the term given to roller skaters or inline skaters who skate by placing their heels facing each other but separated by roughly shoulder width. In the sidesurf position, a straight line can be drawn through both heels and toes with the toes pointing away from each other. COACH BIO I run a skate business in HK, selling, teaching and hosting classes and events. Disciplines include, derby, speed, dance and park.

Level: all levels


Dylan Morton (USA)

Sept. 16 | 12:00-12:45

Jam Skate

Come learn how to Jamskate with Dylan Morton! Dylan's foundation has been rooted in jamskating since 2010 and he is excited to teach a combination of moves to give you a starting foundation in the Jamskating style. This will be a fun, exciting and also challenging routine. Let's Roll! COACH BIO Dylan Morton is a professional roller skater from Cincinnati, OH who has been skating for 12 years. Along with his skating, Dylan also has formal training in dance and tumbling and has been teaching in all three since he was 16. Dylan's skating consists of freestyles and choreography with a strong background in Jam Skating. Dylan enjoys spreading the love of skating through his movements and hopes he can continue to spread roller skating across the world.

Level: intermediate but all welcome.


Myesha McCaskill (USA)

Sept. 15 | 12:00-12:45


Freestyle skating with JB Style. COACH BIO Hello My name is Myesha McCaskill. My skate name is Smooth Goddess. I have been skating for 30 years. I have been teaching classes for 4 years. I teach classes in Chicago every Saturday. I also teach classes downtown Chicago a once a month.

Level: intermediate, advanced


Hakim Saber (UK)

Sept. 17 | 12:45-13:00

Dance Jam Fusion

An introduction into dance movement for all levels aimed at introducing dance freestyle movement to skaters which will be done half on half off starting with trainers then followed by skates. COACH BIO Hakim Saber Professional Multidisciplinary Artist & Director With Over 15 Years Teaching & Performance Experience Worldwide. I have a passion for teaching and sharing my passion to inspire others to have a great time

Level: Intermediate, Advanced 

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