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A selection of FREE SESSIONS for everyone to learn and enjoy at our SkateLand rink!! These sessions are included in the MAIN PASS so be early to save a good spot!



Sept. 12 | 12:00-12:45

The Original Rollerdance

The Original Rollerdance Workout from The 70's to the present. COACH BIO Richard is known as The Rollerdanceman, an original member of The Golden Rollers. Self taught in the art of Rollerdance since the early 70's.

Level: all levels



Sept. 13 | 13:00-13:45

Skate Secrets

An immersive breakdown of alter-egos, confidence, fluidity, and creativity within the JB style. Engaging moments of raw middle work and roller dance while revealing skate secrets of easy to complex choreography. The session will focus on the execution of musicality, intentionality, pose, and showmanship. Diving deep into the music moving you vs. you moving to the music. COACH BIO Joshua Smith, better known by his skating entertainment name Batsmoke or Batman, is an elite roller skater, choreographer, performer, trainer, and SAG actor. He's best known for his role in the award-winning documentary, United Skates. His most recent work was with the Disney production, Saturdays, as the assistant choreographer, skate trainer, and casting associate. He was also the skate choreographer and trainer on the Steppenwolf Theatre play, 1919, which showed through the end of October 2022.

Level: all levels



Sept. 15 | 12:00-12:45

Drillz with RollerSkillz

Get ready to learn and level up with fun drills to help improve your skate technique, build your strength and unlock new skills! Can't wait to skate with you all and let you in on some of my favourite tips and tricks! COACH BIO Danielle Lockwood is an accomplished and versatile roller skate performer, creator, and coach with a professional dance and musical theatre background. Her combined passion for dancing and roller skating led her to the creation of RollerSkillz, a successful coaching business that has impacted thousands worldwide. Through online platforms, in-person group sessions, and private lessons, Danielle is dedicated to guiding roller skaters of all ability levels towards becoming the most confident, educated, and skilled skaters they can be by empowering them to unlock their potential and reach their goals.

Level: all levels



Sept. 14 | TBC

Sunset  Routine

Challenge your learning skills by learning a follow along routine with Dylan Morton. For 30 minutes Dylan will drop a fun skate routine where you can add your own style and flava. Get your body moving before the evening DJ session!!! COACH BIO Dylan Morton is a roller skater and teacher who has a passion of spreading the love of skating. He has been featured with artists and brands such as Disney, Usher, P!NK, Adidas, Flipper’s and many more. Dylan is currently sponsored by Riedell skates and enjoys spending time traveling around and skating with so many other skaters. His skate style is a culmination of many forms of skating and dancing. Dylan hopes to continue to inspire where he is.

Level: all levels



Sept. 12 | 13:00-13:45
@dev2me @chans_gram


We will be looking to take you through the process of the London skate style. Giving everyone an introduction to the basic steps of the chop&shuffle. It will be the perfect opportunity to get an understanding of why and how we do what we do and hope to inspire more and more people to give it a go. COACH BIO Dev and Chan are cousins from London who have been skating for over 12 years. We took to skating through the streets of London as there aren’t many spaces to skate. You will see us representing London with our Chop & Shuffle style. We love to hit the high speeds but know how to slow it down and smooth it out.

Level: all levels



Sept. 14 | 12:00-12:45

Free Flow & Freestyle

Do you ever feel stuck while skating, like you've been doing the same thing since you started skating? Even after taking classes and learning from YouTube, IG, TikTok, the internet!? In our session, we'll be getting over the hump and begin climbing again like when you first began learning how to roller skate! I will be showing you how to tie moves together so that you can begin developing your own style and free flow so join me in my session as we move pass the "stuck"! COACH BIO As a roller skating instructor for over 22 years, RoC has trained hundreds of thousands of new and seasoned roller skaters across the world. Now, as the creator of ‘The SK8rFIT App’ and host of the YouTube channel ‘RoC’s WorLd - Back2Basics’, RoC is now taking his developed techniques and teaching the world how to free flow & level up!

Level: all levels



Sept. 15 | 13:00-13:45

United Sk8 Squad

We will teach you a few new variations of a Line Dance, GSlide/Shuffling, and Intro to Ballroom. COACH BIO We are a diverse group of roller skating instructors from all over the United States. We enjoy teaching groups of skaters at any skill level. Our goal is to share many skate styles and routines with those who have the desire to learn. Our mission is to teach and collaborate with novice to advanced roller skaters of all ages across the globe. We strive to share roller skating’s vast culture and teach basic to progressive rhythm and roller dance techniques while fostering a united and diverse community.

Level: all levels



Sept. 13 | 12:00-12:45

Feel it with Musicality

“Feel the Rhythm” is going to give you the opportunity to explore your minds and bodies while using the connection of music and movement! Explore how to move to multiple genres of skate music and learn to play with the different tempos that they offer! This class isn’t too much about what we are doing, it is mostly about HOW we do it!!! GROOVES OVER MOVES COACH BIO My name is Darion Reyes and I am from Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I have been skating for the last 17 years in many different skate styles and have performed at the absolute highest of levels. Some of my most notable achievements include Dua Lipa’s World Tour, Usher’s Las Vegas Residency, and most recently choreographing a music video for Jason Mraz. I also have an extended background in music between my dance background, a childhood reading music in show choir and music theory courses.

Level: intermediate, advanced



Sept. 14 | 13:00-13:45

Purge with Lava

I will be teaching partner and trains trios skating style. I’ll teach the basics and fundamentals in leading a partner or multiple people. Also I’ll give them some tips and advice on how follow someone lead as well. COACH BIO Professional roller skater. I’ve been roller skating all my life. I’m currently 30 years old I enjoy watching my students progress in skating. I’ve taught numerous of celebrities in my journey. Also I’ve instructed a lot people over the United States. I also performed halftime SuperBowl with Usher.

Level: all levels



Sept. 15 | TBC

Yoga Boogie for Skaters

Strengthen and restore, increase mobility and flexibility while getting your boogie on. The Yoga boogie for rollerskaters is a play-based movement workshop specifically designed to address the unique needs of a skaters body. This workshop can prep you for a skate day or maintain you and revive you post! COACH BIO Joy is a 300 hour certified yoga teacher and avid Rollerskater. She is committed to play-based wellness and active lifestyles. An Ex-Majorette, Joy aka Hoop Hustle Flow, has travelled around Europe teaching her own style of roller-hoop, roller pole and yoga for all bodies. When she isn't dancing and prancing around the globe, she runs the unisex skate brand "SkaterBooty".

Level: all levels

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