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One more year, Skate Love Barcelona presents an amazing and unforgettable SHOWCASE, an extraordinary event where the spirit of community, talent, creativity, fantasy and joy comes alive on roller skates! 

Tumbleweed (USA)
Tumbleweed Circus

Tumbleweed is a skater of 18 years and a clown of 8 years. She began her fusion of performance with fire performing and roller skating, followed by learning the disciplines of juggling and trick roping on her 8 wheels. Her way of clown is to invoke play and to reflect the bright light of our being right back to her audience. She was born and raised in metro Detroit Michigan, USA, a Mecca of roller rinks and beautiful skaters. She continues to push the limits of what’s possible on skates and is sure to keep adding stunts to her repertoire.

Club Patí Gramenet (ES)
Ave María

41 years dedicated to figure skating in the city of Santa Coloma de Gramenet. Any dedication to skaters and skaters at both grassroots, territorial, regional, national and international levels. During the club's history, the technical team, skaters and skaters have participated in European Championships, World Cups, Italian, German and European Cups. Aquest any with the spectacular Ave Maria, the competition team will expand the track of beauty and harmony.

Sibila (ES)
Make Me Roll

Sibila is a musical duo composed of Laura and Pablo from Madrid. Laura has been a rollerdance teacher in Madrid since 2013, inspired by the first international meeting in 2012. She is the lead singer and composer in the musical duo Sibila with Pablo del Fresno. Laura begins her musical journey thanks to her passion for world music and has composed a song dedicated especially to Skate Love Barcelona.

Rosie & Adam (UK)
Acrobatic Skating Duo

Rosie & Adam combine Inline roller skating, acrobatics & dance to bring you a ground-breaking spectacle on Skates. They made their show-stopping, roller skating appearance on Britain’s Got Talent 2019 making it to the Semi Finals, before headlining Cirque Du Soleil "Twas The Night"

Kiki Lahula (UK)

Kiki is a self taught cabaret and circus performer from the UK that now performs all over the world including the Maldives, Saudi Arabia and Europe. She has entertained stars such as Millie Bobby Brown and Gordon Ramsay and shared a stage with Nile Rodgers of Chic and Pixie Lott. Her unique mix of artistic and jam skating styles combined with mesmerising hula hoop tricks will leave you in a spin!

r0uge (CAN)
Original Song By r0uge

Jared KERR is a Jamaican Canadian artist/creative/online personality & professional rollerskater. He creates content and music, inspired by his love and passion for rollerskating.

Jedidia Henderson (USA)
30's The New 20

From captivating audiences with jaw-dropping performances since the age of 2, to going viral across multiple social media platforms, to being featured in music videos, commercials, documentaries, and even the beloved Disney TV series "Saturdays," RoC's roller skating journey has been nothing short of spectacular. With over three decades (that's 30 years!) of coaching experience under his belt, RoC's passion for roller skating knows no bounds. Currently residing in sunny Miami, FL, RoC, alongside his loving wife and beautiful daughter, continue to inspire others to experience the health benefits and exhilarating mental freedom of roller skating!

David Smith (USA)
This is Jamskating

Bringing jamskate culture overseas. A performance curated by David “Smitty” Smith featuring fellow world class skaters to show SkateLove what makes jamskating stand out from other styles. Smitty is born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has been an active member of the competitive jamskating community for more than 2 decades and is responsible for organizing the Heartbreak Skate Jam for the last 12 years. Enjoy a show filled with influential skaters sharing their passion with the world!


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