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This is the Skate Love Barcelona 2022 SHOWCASE LINEUP! The showcase will happen at the SkateLand every day from 17-17:15h and our biggest shows will be on Friday and Saturday from 22-22:30h.  


Antonia Christa (USA)

Roller Joy

I began Roller skating at 5 years old and was immediately in love. There were few things that came naturally to me like roller skating due to my disability. With roller skating, all of my other senses take over and I become totally focused and relaxed. I spent summers at the roller skating rink to overcome a lot of the places I didn’t feel welcomed at. Roller skating allows me to feel pure bliss and joy.


Chrystal Mao (AUS)

Skating Performance

Chrystal is a competitive national level roller skater with 13 years experience in the sport. She coaches artistic roller skating and recreational roller skating with students of all ages and levels. Outside of competitive skating and coaching, she has been involved in promo work, roving entertainment and shopping centre activations including Westfield Shopping Centres, Grazeland and more.


Shawn'Ra Dillard (USA)

Atlanta Skate Style

I started Roller Skating at the age 3 when My Grandma put Skates on my Feet & the rest is History. I grew up a Speed Skater & Jam Skater before I became serious with Rhythm/Artistic Skating. I've developed knowledge of other Skate Styles & incorporate them along with my own. I am 41 years old & there is nothing else I would rather do with My Life than Skating. I am well known throughout the Skate World, Indoor & Outdoor. I have visited over 187 Rinks all over the US ever since the year 2000, hoping to at least Reach Number 200 soon. I have been Honorably taught the Jammin' Technique by the Legendary Mr. Bill Butler since 2016 which enhanced my Improvisation with the ATL Style. My Skate/Nick Name is "SK8-Fiend" & I make sure I live out that Name, by Encouraging & Inspiring others to Keep Skating no matter what!!


Ibou Sene (SEN)


Afro Roller

An international skating artist and teacher


Rollerdance Fam (IT/UK)
@rollerdancefam @aka_jade


Glada Nazarri is a dancer/ stunt / skater and yoga/ pilates and martial arts instructor. She was born in italy and lived in London for 15 years, where she nurtured her performing career. She then moved to Paris for 2 year working as a stunt for the Marvel show in Disneyland . She Worked as stunt back in italy and around Europe. She moved back in Italy for the whole pandemic where she start bringing up a roller dancing community. Teaching, performing and organising ROLLERDISCO in Italy while juggling stunt jobs and project back in Uk and in Europe. Recently ambassador for ROOKIE skates.


Yareni y Aldo (MEX)
@harry_rodrean @yarpapishon

Acrobatic Duo

We are a duo of Mexican circus artists who started skating for love of the art of the skies, classic skating tricks that made us fall in love, our teacher Dad Skate (Marco Perea) encouraged us to learn, later we studied in a circus shark professional in Amiens France. We have spent 4 years dedicating ourselves to perfecting our number on skates, passionate about the forgotten tricks of the 40's.


Bonnie Boux (IE)


Dance Yourself Free

Booty Poppin, Irish Jig Hoppin and Roller Skating Bonnie Boux snatches hearts with her intoxicating mix of Classic Burlesque and Hip Hop vibes fused with her comedic timing that is second to none. Bonnie takes inspiration on and off stage by her mantra "Dance Yourself Free...". Spreading this message along with the importance of Self Love through movement on and off wheels to her students is a passion and a life purpose to Miss Boux and you may have seen Bonnie on national television sharing some of her dance moves as part of the Mind Yourself Campaign. Bonnie found romance with her wheels in 2021 and has never looked back. Dancing and skating combined is the ultimate feeling of freedom and present moment living. Miss Burlesque Ireland Showgirl of the Year 2016 and 2017, Top 30 European Queen of Burlesque 2019 to mention a few of Bonnie's awards, but it is the reward of bringing a smile to an audience that is the ultimate reward for Bonnie because we all deserve to get lost in the moment and feel pure joy from the arts.


Club Patí Gramenet (ES)

Fantasy on Ice

We have been in Santa Coloma de Gramenet for 39 years where Rosa María Cabrera is the founder of skating in the city. We dedicate ourselves to the base and to the competition, and in fact we have had several Spanish Champions in different modalities. We have also had (one of me) participants in European Championships, World Championships, European Cups, Italian Cups, German Cups walking the name of our club and our city with pride. We are like a small family that for many years with a lot of effort, work and tenacity always try to give the best of us in each class.


Diea AnsZara (USA)


Dance Skater

Diea has been skating most of her life. She first started dance skating at Venice Beach in the 80's. Since then she's performed solo, as a pair and with various skating groups. Her next evolution began when she started adding elements you don't usually see with skates. She's partnered with a unicyclist, added fire and various other props. She enjoys experimenting with visual perspectives & pushing the boundaries of what's possible on skates.


Kiki Lahula (UK)


Kiki is a roller-skating circus performer that can spin hoop on every limb whilst on wheels! She has graced the stage with Nile Rogers and his band Chic and has performed her unique mix of circus and skating at Glastonbury Festival, for the commonwealth games and on stages and circus tents all over the world.


Skatelovers X Chuffed (ID) @chuffedskates

Skatelovers X Chuffed is a place for roller skating enthusiasts to learn roller skating and as a provider of roller skate equipment in Jakarta, Indonesia. Marina Tasha, Soraya Azizah, and Nadindra are the co-founder of Skatelovers which supports roller skating communities in Indonesia by teaching classes since 2018, They teach basic lessons to roller dance and aggressive. With shows, classes, and shops, Skatelovers has collaborated with Warner Music, Samsung, Makeover and also covered by several TV and national media


Candice Grant (USA)

Skate Poetry

My name is Candice Grant and I am a professional Roller Skater and Instructor from Miami, Florida, USA. Through my company, we have been able to host workshops and classes for students and build a network of skaters of all backgrounds, ages, and ability. Through my performances, lessons, and roller skating customizations my company has created a loyal crew of skaters that is constantly growing! I have traveled to Panama, Dubai, Jamaica, and my next stop will hopefully be Barcelona, Spain!


David Smith (USA)

This is Jamskate

My name is David Smith but most know me as Smitty on Skates. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have been competitively Jamskating since 2003 and was National Champion 4 times. I also traveled and performed with the Skate Crew Breaksk8 for 3 years and in 2013 formed my own skate crew and clothing company. The Kounterfit krew travels to rinks around the United States teaching skate workshops and working with local skaters to help promote jamskating in their own skate communities. It has been a dream of mine to come experience SkateLove and I can not wait to come and share some good old fashioned American high energy Jamskating with all of you!!!


Head Over Wheels (NL)

Crew Show

Head Over Wheels is an international crew formed on March 2022. We are deep into the roller skating community of Amsterdam, where we found and learn from each other. We are diverse in experience and disciplines, from roller dance and street jamming to skatepark riding and roller derby, which empowers our skating as a crew. We unroll freshness, Wabi-Sabi and contagious joy on wheels. The idea of Head Over Wheels was born at Skate Love Barcelona 2021, for this reason, we are delighted to present our first crew choreography during this edition.


Marc Angel (FR)

Roller Cabaret

I am skater since 27 years I am cabaret performer.


The Majorettes (UK)

World Record hula hoop

The Majorettes are a Guinness World Record Holding hula hoop troupe!! Since 2012 The Majorettes have been creating workshops and performances which inspire people to reconnect with their bodies and enjoy fitness. Using hula hoops, jump ropes and roller skates they encourage people to have fun while they get fit. The Majorettes have performed all over the UK and all over the world. Including at festivals, private events, in music videos, on children's TV, community events and commercials. Prepare to be dazzled!!