Candice Heiden (USA)

Skating Performance Class

In this class, we will work on translating skate skills for an audience to appreciate. How to connect with an audience, and how to build a performance piece, tips on how to skate for camera. SOLD OUT

Level: All levels

DEE Hi res.jpg

Dee Upshaw (USA)

Dancing with the Stars

With the assistant @kellllllllllls, this is a workshop designed to improve your skate, dance, and rhythm skills by learning useful tips and the styles of some of Dee's popular moves that have been performed on major tours around the world, commercials, movies, TV shows, and theatre stage performances. SOLD OUT

Level: All levels

jimmy venice.jpg

Jimmy Rich
aka BuckWild (USA)

Skate Dance Choreography

Learn the process of how to create new routines. If you love to challenge yourself or others this workshop is for you. Assisted by Keon @neonkeon. SOLD OUT

Level: Beginner - Intermediate


Leo White (USA)

Roller Ballroom

The Ballroom Skating style is a romantic couple skate which allows all the attention an emphasis to be on the female. This style of skating allows the women to submit the grace and style of the feminine physique to their partner and become one unified synchronized skating unit. This skating style allows both individuals to communicate with their bodies without verbal distraction as they express their emotions through movements to the sounds and beats of the music.

Level: All levels


Mo Sanders (USA)

Edging, Pivots and Spins

The workshop will focus on using inside and outside wheels edges to for improved balance on turns and spinning capabilities, along with two feet and one foot spin variations. SOLD OUT

Level: Advance


Skate Fantacee (USA)

Rhythm Rink Style

As a Movement Coach, Personal Trainer and Skate Instructor, I implement full body moveMEANTS in all aspects of my instructions. Based on your body movements, particular skills and know how are attained faster than the average untrained individual would gain on their own. The time has finally arrived for the entire globe to rollerskate once aagain. Say hello to fun and excitement and join me for fitness, wellness and universal style. SOLD OUT

Level: All levels


Cecile Klaus (FR/USA)


Cecile Klaus' rollerdance class covers rollerdance steps, combos and turns, involving full body coordination, as well as a final choreography with street dance and Latin dance influences.

Level: Intermediate / Advanced

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Erika Cordeiro (BR)

Brazilian Groove

Fun and interactive dance class for quad or inline skates with a variety of Brazilian rhythms.

Level: Beginners / Intermediate


Laurence Sabas (FR)

Building a Choregraphy

A workshop full of enthusiasm and energy filled with joy, fun, rhythms and haunting. Getting ready for the dance floor!

Level: Intermediate

Papa Skate MEX-USA.jpg

Marco Perea (MEX/USA)

Acrobatic Skating

The primary focus of this class will be on couples doing lifts and/or stunts either in a circle or straight line. The emphasis will mostly be on circular stunts. Skaters should have a good grasp of proper circular skating techniques, but if not, it will be shown. Due to the uniqueness of this sport, I will provide a link to the participants for the basics that they should be able to review and practice prior to the class. The videos will show skaters proper technique on how to pump in a circular motion, address proper body balance/positions for lifting to avoid injury and be efficient with the energy. Due to the nature of the stunts, participants are encouraged to bring safety helmets and have anti-slip hand powder or the equivalent.
Assisted by Lola @lolathethebeast.

Level: Intermediate Level (couples preferred)


Pere Marsinyach (ES)

Artistic Skating

Learning the first steps and basic notions in artistic rollerskating. The main objective of this workshop is to know the most useful posture, weight distribution and body consciousness when we are in skates, and also the basic jumps and spins that can be done in figure skating. Afterwards, you can practice then just for fun or to apply them in your roller style!

Level: Intermediate - Advanced


The NC | Nadia & Dominic (UK)

Flow & Footwork

NC members, Dom and Nadia will be teaching an intermediate class on Footwork and Routines. This class will help with balance, fluidity, and freestyle. Please note that we stress intermediate as there could be intricate footwork too advanced for a beginner. SOLD OUT

Level: Intermediate - Advanced

David Isaac 2.jpg

David Isaac aka Blue (USA)

Couple Skating

Partner Skating is like the hustle dance on roller-skates. Both skaters must be on the same foot (example: Left, Right, Left, Right). Hands are not held too tight or too loose because partner skating requires both skaters to change hands during a certain turn or spin. When you are skating with someone for the first time, you must have good arm length between each other. At any time during partner skating, there is no swinging or jerking your partner arms/hands. One skater must lead in order for their partner to easily go into a comfortable turn or spin.

Level: Intermediate

Photo SLB.jpg

Florian & Najete (FR)

Couple Dance

Najete and Florian together develop a unique partner skating style inspired by skaters in American rinks and adding touches of figure skating and latin dances.

Level: Intermediate


Lex Milczarek (UK)

HipHop on Skates!

Pro Dancer & Skater Lex combines Hiphop Dance Styles with Jam Skate foot work to create a dynamic class working the whole body. Get ready to take your skating to the next level! (Soft knee Pads a Massive Plus)

Level: Intermediate

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Morgan Weske (USA)

Dance Skate Musicality

This intermediate class is like any Jazz or Hiphop dance class, but on skates! We take all the skills we’ve learned and include them with upper body finesse! You will learn how to hear the textures and timing of the music to move your body accordingly to the musicality. We’ll play with the sounds of the bass, hi-hat, snare, synth, strings, keyboard and lyrics to utilize different ways of executing the music. After we drill some combos we’ll work on our freestyle, and then finish with a new crispy choreographed routine just for us! Come dance with me! 


This class is ideal for skaters who already have the fundamentals and beginner to intermediate dance skate moves. SOLD OUT

Level: Intermediate


Richard Humphrey (USA)

Originality of Roller Dance

My workshop will consist of the originality of many of the moves people are doing world wide. The original names of steps and moves that are known differently on social media. We will also learn how to workout on skates and some original choreography from the 70s to present. SOLD OUT

Level: All levels

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Double Flow / Ceejay & Zaira (ES & UK)

Freestyle Slalom

In this class you will be taught some of the basic slalom moves through the cones, which will help you with your body control, posture and skate technique in general. Also freestyle slalom is a wonderful way to learn and understand some of the Roller dance moves as many of them come from slalom, which will also improve your footwork, keep you creative and confident. SOLD OUT

Level: Beginner - Intermediate



Michelle Steilen (USA)


Become a Park skater

Estro will teach you the basics and fundamentals of park skating to help you get a good base to grow as a park skater. Learn the basics like droppings ramps, stalls and how to approach obstacles in the skatepark. SOLD OUT

Level: Beginner


Travis Reynolds (USA)


Grinds and slides

This workshops is for those looking to take grinds and slides into the next level. Boost the confidence with yoru basic tricks and get tips and advice to learn the most complex tricks on rails and ledges

Level: Intermediate / Advanced


Bárbara Luciana (USA)


Skatepark Flow

Barbie will teach you how to improve your style and skate every obstacle of a skatepark. Learn to do lines combining different tricks to become a better and more confident all-round skater. SOLD OUT

Level: Intermediate


Ivey Rose (USA)


Flips, airs and spins

Ivey will help you understand the mechanics behind airs and rotations on ramps and help you unlock flips tricks in a progessive and safely manner. SOLD OUT

Level: Intermediate / Advanced