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SkateLove Workshops 2019

This year we are coming back with another great workshops program with fresh and new styles! Workshops will happen indoors at a dance school with wooden floor and mirrors, and outdoors at the beach promenade, from Thursday the 12th to Sunday the 15th of September.

You can't miss the unique opportunity to learn roller skating disciplines from the best of the world all together in one place: Skate Love Barcelona


  1. The NC (UK) - Flow & Footwork

  2. Erika Cordeiro (BR) - Brazilian Groove

  3. Laurence Sabas (FR) - Building a Choreography

  4. Florian + Najete (FR) - Couple Dance

  5. Beto "Mooncricket" Lopez (USA) - The Art of Freestyle

  6. Cecile Klaus (FR/USA) - Roller Dance

  7. Marco Perea aka "Papa Skate" (USA) - Acrobatic Skating

  8. Pere Marsinyach (BCN) - Artistic Style

  9. Quadzilla (USA) - Feeling the Rhythm

  10. Nick the Medic (USA) - Skatepark Love

  11. Dita Muertos (USA) - Skatepark Love

  12. Estro Jen (USA) - Skatepark Love

See you in September! :)


Skate Love Barcelona 2019

International Skate Music Festival

Sept. 12-15

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