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And we are back with exciting news about the skatepark! We are very proud to present The LOVE BOWL: the Skatepark Day at our Skate Love 2022! Hosted at Mar Bella skatepark by @_ragnaroll ❤️

The place and space for the Skatepark Masterclasses, and also, the most awaited competition, The Love Bowl Open Jam Contest, organized in collaboration with the Spanish Skating Federation and open to all international skaters. 🔥🛼🔥


Registration tickets will be available on our website on August 20 at 19h (CET) and the inscription will cost 30€ + IVA (medical insurance included). LIMITED SPACES. * Quads only.

* SkateLove Main Pass is not mandatory to participate in the competition. * Onsite registration won’t be available.

1000€ in Cash prize money and over 2000€ in extra prizes value plus giveaways amongst participants including a gift for the best 70s outfit!

Music, market, masterclasses, drinks & bowl skating with cash prize money and giveaways amongst the participants!

The LOVE BOWL is open to all the Main Pass ticket holders but capacity is limited to 500 attendees.


  • Spanish Skating Federation

  • CEM Mar Bella

  • Diputació de Deportes

  • City Council of Barcelona

  • Mujer y Deporte

Jump on the activity page for the full information!

We are ON FIRE!! :D


Skate Love Barcelona 2022 International Skate Music Festival Sept. 15-18, 2022

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